Game Audio notes

IEZA Framework (Interface, effect, zone, affect)


effect category

often mimics sounds of real life counterparts, sounds that come from the avatar or interactions with the avatar (Foley) Multiple individual elements designed to grab attention. (meant to be noticed)

Zone category

Linked to the environment rather than the players character

Single layer of sound

often interactive

generally linked to real world environments

removes potential for any sonic gaps in soundtracks


often looped with additional randomized elements

animal sounds, machinery , city ambiance

Interface category

outside of fictional game world HUD activity

NON-diegetic sounds Affect category

intended to influence the players emotional connection to the game play experience

distinctly establishes the presence of a non-diegetic element of the game

can also allow for social, cultural and emotional engagement


might be good to read

Psychology of 10 Years of Sound in World of Warcraft



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