Game Audio Week 3

I will be updating this every two weeks with all the research I have found that will help me with my dissertation. (may contain bonus posts if I have spare time)

Idea for task 1

Create an area loop. (2-3 minutes) this will include both background sounds and one shot sound effects. Area loops normally play directly into the players ear and don’t pan around as the player moves. The reference for this task is chapter 1 of game audio implementation By R Stevens and D Raybould (2015)

Looping must be at a zero crossing point as to have zero pops or clicks in the loop.

task 2 idea

create a source loop and also source one shots

A source loop has a specific point of origin unlike the area loop and these sounds will decrease in volume as the player gets further away form the source. A source one shot will make a game feel more immersive and natural as the world around us is full of one shot sounds such as; dog barks, car doors opening/ closing, people shouting/talking. A source one shot sound effect must not be repetitive as sounds that happen in the same sequence every time will break the immersion of the game as that doesn’t happen in real life.



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